Gods council:

To begin with, it was only Khaos. In Greek mythology, Khaos was the name given to eternity, which contained everything in itself. After this eternity, new gods like Gaia began to emerge. Gaia was earth. Gaia then gave birth to four new gods without mating with anyone else. These gods are Uranus and Pontus.

Gaia then mated with Uranus to form Hekatonkheirs, Cyclops and Titans (12 Titans). Uranus doesn’t like his children caused by his mating with Gaia and even traps them when they are born. However, Kronos is very angry with this cruel situation and Kronos is the cause of his father Uranus’ death. Of course, the death of such a great god does not take place in an ordinary way. The blood of Uranus scattered over the land of the goddess (Erinsyler), the giants (Gigants) and the forest nymphs, causing the birth of Aphrodite falling into the water.

After all these events, the Titans collapsed and twelve gods came to power from Olympos and began to live on Mount Olympus. Olympos is the highest mountain in Greece. There are always  gods on this mountain.